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If enhancing your brand and creating attention is what you are looking for, than the Premium Feather flags are the best form of indoor and outdoor advertising combo available! These premium flags, when used with our premium feather pole kits, do not need the wind to stay open! Perfect for always displaying your message and or logo. Also, when joined with the correct accessories, these flags may be used indoors, for conventions, product awareness and expos, or used outdoors, to attract customers to your store, event or cause.

Although known by many different names such as Premium Feather, Blade, Teardrop, Bow, Swoopers and or Flutter flags, our version of this advertising flag beats any of our competiors by far. When crafted with the best people and known machines in the business, your Premium Feather Flags will outshine the rest.

We offer 5 unique and attractive shapes that, we are sure, you will find one to your liking. Our Blade and Teardrop flags are the most popular shapes we offer and widely seen all over the road and used by many Fortune 500 companies. If you want to be a little different, with your advertising/promotions, we also offer the Shark Fin, Shepherd's Hook and Premium 90 flags...a perfect blend of style and effective brand building. While the flags will get all the visible attention, you can rest in knowing that each pole kit is constructed of a strong graphite fiberglass composite that can withstand winds of up to 25mph! Each pole kit set comes with a rotating ground spike and storage bag. Many other accessories are available to help you succeed in any type of situation your are faced with. We encourange you to be creative with your designs and let us print out the Best Flags for you!